vegetarian possible


(till 16:00)

With mixed salad and citrus-dill dressing


Bagel goat cheese

With goat cheese, half warm smoked chicken, lettuce, walnuts and honey-mustard sauce


Eggs on bread

Fried bacon and eggs served on slices of bread with cheese


Toast Bonaparte XL

With baked chicken thigh, avocado salsa, tomato and cheese


Toast Tuna Melt

With Tuna, red onion, pickels and cheese


Italian Toast

With parma ham, tomato and cheese


Pita Chicken Cayun

Pita sandwich filled with cayun herbs marinated pulled chicken, olives, feta and cocktail sauce


Sandwich Carpaccio

Focaccia with beef carpaccio, truffle mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese, sundried tomatoes and sunflower seeds


Wrap Labneh

Tortilla wrap with marinated pulled chicken, mixed salad and a fresh sauce of yoghurt, kherbs and pomegranate (labneh)


Club Sandwich

3 slices of bread with home smoked chicken thigh, egg salad, bacon, tomato, salad and chips


12 o’ clock

Small soup of choice, with a mini club sandwich and chicken thighs fried in batter from our local white beer



Breaded chicken Schnitzel with Jägersaus (with mushrooms, bacon and onion), served with fries and salad


Chicken and Chips

Chicken thighs fried in batter from our local white beer with tartar sauce, fries and mixed salad


Burger Bonaparte

Brioche bun with a homemade burger of minced chicken, sweet and sour vegetables and atjar mayonnaise, with fries/p>



(till 16:00)

Soup of your choice with a lunch dish of your choice: Italian sandwich, sandwich tuna melt, bagel goat cheese, bagel salmon or carpaccio sandwich

€ 10,50



Soup of the day

Ask our staff for today’s soup

Large: €6,00 | Small: €4,00

Tom Kha Kai soup

Thai coconut soup with chicken, mushrooms, noodles and taugé

Large: €6,00 | Small: €4,00

Tomato soup

With meatballs and basil cream

Large: €6,00 | Small: €4,00

Goat cheese salad

Mixed salad with semi-warm smoked chicken, walnuts and a honey-mustard dressing


Salad Bonaparte

Our version of a Ceasar salad with seasoned chicken thigh filet, egg, tomato, croutons and herbal dressing


Salad Carpaccio

With truffle mayonnaise, sunflower seeds, parmesan and balsamic


Salad Salmon

With smoked salmon, lemon-dill mayonnaise and red onion